Our service does not offer hours of boring videos. We train "The Best Breakout trading strategy". You know that after watching 100 hours of videos about boxing you won't learn to box. What will happen to you if you will participate in a boxing tournament? Don't even think for a second, that you can learn anything by watching a bunch of videos, the best learning is practice. We start practice from the very first lesson. This course is not for those who think they can learn everything in 10 days. It's impossible. Through our training course with daily practice, you will learn the following skills:
— Determination of support and resistance levels correctly.
— How to distinguish a false breakdown from a real one.
— Major traps.
— Learn when to take trades.
— Learn how to maximize profit targets.
— Learn how to maximize risk management

   But the most important thing you will learn is patience. Our course is built on the principle of 90% practice and 10% theory. We will focus on two patterns “The Flat Base and Channel Patterns ”. . During training, you will receive assignments and we will help you with your mistakes. 
 I would like to point out that these are not live classes. In the first week, you get the knowledge and concepts which you practice throughout the day at any time. In the second week, you will learn when to take trades and you are starting to trade with your paper account. In the third and fourth weeks, you will continue to trade with your paper account while learning new steps. For those who do not have the time to trade online, you have to find at least 2 days a week at least 1 hour a day. These are some of the stocks that demonstrate our strategy.  

2020-10-24 (1).png
2020-10-24 (3).png

Option SNAP 20 NOV Call 40 +3100%

2020-10-24 (4).png

Option SNAP 15 JAN Call 35 +6200%

Screenshot (105).png
2020-09-18 (97).png

Option FDX 16 OCT Call 230 +2900%

Screenshot (106).png
Screenshot (107).png

Option DKNG 16 Oct Call 50 +700%