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Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Our refund policy states that:  There are absolutely no refunds including partial refunds for new promotional events or incorrect coupon code usage as well as if you forget billing recurs automatically. Our subscriptions are on a “auto renewal” process which will automatically charge your card on every renewal term.


There is no refund if a member is found to be spamming other websites, email addresses, free email sign up pages, or any such solicitation to join another service. All such issues shall be reported to me via the contact page. Any member that solicits another site or service via the site or chat room shall have an immediate account termination with no refund of unused money.


To remove yourself from auto renew and cancel your account, please use the “Contact us” page here. We ask that you request a termination no later than 3 full business days before your renewal. Your billing expiration date can be found by keeping track of your start date or emailing me requesting when your membership is up for renewal. Again, if you forget to close your account before billing recurs, this is your fair warning there are no refunds.

You are responsible to cancel your subscription in PayPal before your next renewal date.

All subscription plans are on automatic renewal until you cancel.

Notifying via email your desire or intent to cancel is not sufficient.

If you cancel before the end of the 10-day trial, you are not billed.

All sales are final. The unused time of the term will not be refunded.

After canceling, you will have access until the end of your paid term.

We provide NO REFUNDS, full, partial, or pro-rated.

To cancel your subscription:

Log in to your PayPal account

Click the "Settings" icon next to "Log out"

Select "Account Settings"

Click on "Money, banks, and cards"

Click on "Preapproved payments"

Click on Exclusive Private Twitter​ ​

Click on Cancel subscription

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